Danse Arts Company - Director Debbie Devine

Mission and Goals:


The goal of Danse Arts Company is to allow students an opportunity to perform in public venues in a nurturing environment that not only offers a place to grow as a dancer/performer and build self-esteem, but focuses on professionalism training first and foremost. They will be learning and performing different styles of dance throughout the year.  The members of DAC work hard to join Ballet314 in their production of The Nutcracker in December in addition to performing in recital.  Danse Arts Company is designed to enhance the students’ performing experience. This company is also to begin the process of instilling professional company “measures” and “tactics” to prepare them for performing professionally.


*No additional fees apply to this group.


           -6th-12th grade

          -Required to take ballet, jazz and an elective class in the fall

          -Required to take ballet and jazz in the summer

          -They have a 2 hour rehearsal class once a week

          -They perform in Balet314's Nutcracker

          -They are required to attend DAC camp (1 week in the summer)

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