DPA Dazzlers - Mini, Petite, Junior, Senior

Mission and Goals:

The goal of this Competition Team is to allow students an opportunity to compete and perform in public venues in a nurturing environment.   We offer a place to grow as a dancer/performer and build self-esteem, while focusing on professional training first and foremost. They train throughout the year to develop the skills in a broad range of dance styles, focusing especially on jazz and contemporary, as well as developing skills in improvisation. We want to create artists as well as technicians.

The head coach, Traci Borrego, is a former NFL cheerleader she worked as an ambassador for the St.Louis Rams organization doing numerous community relations and charity events. She also fostered her talents by judging regional and national dance & cheer competitions. Traci has been a dance instructor in ballet, jazz, pom and hip hop over the last twenty years and founded the Dazzlers in 2007. Her unique flare for precision, form, and technique have transferred into her teaching and choreography.  Traci's passion for this art allows her to compose dances designed to suggest story, interpret emotion, and enliven shows. 

*Additional fees do apply to this group. There are 4 different Dazzler age groups and are listed below:

*Mini Dazzlers* - 2021-2022 CONTRACT HERE

          -Age 4yrs-kindergarten

          -Required to take 1 dance class of their choice

          -They have a 30 minute rehearsal class once a week

          -They compete 1 routine at 3 local competitions

          -They have NO coaching fee

*Petite Dazzlers* - 2021-2022 CONTRACT HERE

          -Age 1st-2nd grade

          -Required to take kids ballet/tap/jazz

          -They have a 1 hour rehearsal class once a week

          -They compete 1 routine at 4 competitions

          -They have a $30/month coaching fee

*Junior Dazzlers* - 2021-2022 CONTRACT HERE

          -Age 3rd-5th grade

          -Required to take ballet, jazz, and leaps and turns

          -They have a 2 hour rehearsal class once a week

          -They compete 2 routines at 4 competitions

          -They have a $30/month coaching fee

*Senior Dazzlers* - 2021-2022 CONTRACT HERE

          -Age 6th-12th grade

          -Need to take ballet, jazz and leaps and turns (as well as corresponding electives)

          -They rehearse throughout the day on Saturdays each week

          -There are 3 levels (novice, intermediate, advanced)

          -They have no monthly coaching fee, but do have rehearsal fees ($10/rehearsal)

          -They are cast in their dances and compete at 5 competitions and attend 1 convention

          -This group is by audition ONLY

          -Choreography Week August 9-13 (MANDATORY)

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