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DPA TEAMS: Informational Packet HERE

Auditions for JR/SR DAC and Dazzlers for next season are over.

  • To schedule a makeup audition, please contact the studio.

  • Makeup auditions must be submitted by May 21 to be considered and the cost is still $25.

  • Commit to your team by June 1, 2022 

We have 3 teams here at DPA that you can be a part of!


They range from 4 years old to 12th grade.

Each group has different class/financial requirements, but you can be a part of more than one!

Click on the specific group tab that you are interested in for more information or read the packet at the top of this page.

  • Danse Arts Company (DAC) - A pre-professional performance company. This group is for 3rd-12th grade and is by audition only. Auditions take place every spring. They perform throughout the year putting on a dance concert in January and doing different community performances as well. Click on the Danse Arts Company (DAC) tab for more information.

  • Dazzlers - Our award winning competition team here at DPA. There are 4 levels (Minis, Petites, Juniors, and Seniors). The junior and senior group is by audition only. Auditions take place every spring. They compete locally as well as out of town. Click on the Dazzlers tab for more information.

  • Marquis Productions - A pre-professional musical theater troupe. There are 3 levels (Petites, Juniors, and Seniors) and it is open to all who sign up and have a love for musicals! They perform throughout the year and put on a full musical every spring. Once enrolled students are then auditioned for their roles in the spring musical. Click on the Marquis tab for more information.

REMINDER: All levels of Marquis plus the Mini and Petite Dazzlers, DO NOT have to audition. All you have to do is register by September 1, 2022! Check the contracts for more information!

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